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With over 25+ years' experience, Healing Touch 4 Therapeutic Colon Cleansing offers a tried and trusted colonic service that can drastically improve how you look and feel on the inside and out. Catering to the needs of men and women of all ages, our highly skilled and certified therapeutic specialists can help you overcome any colon-related issues you are experiencing in a highly comfortable setting.

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Colon Hydrotherapy

As the premier colon hydrotherapy therapy clinic in Cocoa Beach, we at Healing Touch 4 Therapeutic Colon Cleansing are extremely passionate about what we do. Having worked for many years to develop the high-quality clinic we now operate means that we are uniquely placed to give all our clients the very best colon hydrotherapy care and colonic treatment in the Cocoa Beach area.

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Massage Therapy

Many people mistakenly believe that relaxation is the goal of massage therapy. At Healing Touch 4 Therapeutic Colon Cleansing, we like to think of relaxation as a side of effect of all the other physical and mental health benefits. These healing benefits have been known for thousands of years in other cultures, yet it’s only recently that science has started to catch up.

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Massage therapy can do much more for your body and physical health than loosen you up! And because we, at Healing Touch 4 Therapeutic Colon Cleansing, believe in a holistic approach to healthcare, we’re going to share some of these benefits with you.

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Pain Relief

When you are experiencing chronic pain or pain from an injury, it can seem like there is no end in sight. Staying active feels impossible – despite it being what the doctor ordered – and even sitting still provides no relief. Shoulder pain can persist all night long. Sciatica, the pain caused by a problem with the sciatic nerve, can only worsen if you are sitting in your office for long stretches of time.

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