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Healing Touch 4 Therapeutic Colon Cleansing Services

Colon Hydrotherapy Session

1.Hydrates the waste and the body. (Hydrated bodily fluids are able to carry nutrients and waste more effectively, these fluids include lymph, blood, mucus, intercellular fluid and extra cellular fluid)

2. Softens and loosens waste. (It is easier for the bowl to evacuate softened, hydrated waste than a hard, dehydrated mass)

3. Water enters the bowel, softening and loosing waste, this creates the reflex for evacuation. The colon evacuates through normal peristalsis. This may be repeated several times during a session, thereby exercising the muscles which make up the colon.

If you are sick this could be a problem in your colon. Symptoms in the body can be treated and sometimes even eliminated when the colon has been cleansed. Whatever condition we have in the body, it is affected by the bowel, whether it is good or bad.

Legal: Colon hydrotherapy is a service not a treatment. Colon hydrotherapist are not medical providers unless they have completed their education in a health care modality.

Colon hydrotherapy clients are not patients. They are receiving a specific service, for reasons of their own.

Quotes From Norman Walker, D.Sc

Colon health emphasizes prevention rather than cure. It is the most important step in maintaining or regaining vital health.

Colon Irrigation along with other health programs have kept me ageless. No matter what-colon cleansings don't hurt you, they can only help you. If you think about it, they make sense.

Overweight is often the result of a backed-up system. Food stores rather than metabolizes.

The hardened material that accumulates on the inside walls of the colon is like cement. It does not come down by itself, or will fast, laxatives, enemas or drugs, and it is at the root of many human problems.

Norman W. Walker, D.Sc, Centenarian

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