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Healing Touch 4 Therapeutic Colon Cleansing Services

Colonics in Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach is full of people who are overly stressed. Modern lifestyles may be full of wonder, but they are also full of stressors and unhealthy food. If you’re constantly on the go, not drinking your water, and finding yourself getting fast food a few too many times during the week, a colonic is for you.

Did you know that bowel cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in non-smokers in Europe and North America? While you may feel cleansed going to the bathroom, in most cases that is just not enough.

For 30 minutes to an hour, you can improve your digestion, mood, hydration, and even boost your immune system and gain a lot of energy. What have you got to lose? With more than 25+ years of experience providing Cocoa Beach residents with beneficial colonics, Healing Touch Colonics will give you a new lease on life!

Preparing for a Treatment

While it may seem tempting to prepare for your colon cleanse by pigging out on some junk food, that is the last thing you should do for an effective treatment. At Healing Touch Colonics we recommend that clients drink lots of water, eat their veggies, and avoid stimulants such as alcohol, soda, and coffee.

By preparing properly, your complete colonic cleanse will do exactly the job it’s supposed to without having to focus on the excess foods you’ve just digested.

During the Treatment

When you come in for your colon cleanse, we’ll start with an in-depth consultation. It’s important to remember that a complete colonic cleanse will do a lot, but it won’t do everything. We like to advise our clients on an effective diet and lifestyle change to keep up with post-treatment.

After this we can begin the treatment. Throughout, your privacy will be respected by using a towel to cover you. During the treatment, expect an abdominal massage as well. This will help in releasing gas.

While it’s completely normal to feel nervous during your first treatment, you’ll quickly find that the entire process is not painful, and sometimes considered quite relaxing.

Post-Treatment Care

Clients who start getting colonics realize quickly that regular treatments are ideal. Depending on your lifestyle, you may want to get a series of three to six over the course of one to every two months.

After you try this out, you can see what you think works best for you and create a plan for the future. But the best thing for you to stay healthy between colonics, is to drop the processed foods, drink lots of water, and stay active!

How Much is a Colonic?

Our Cocoa Beach clients benefit from competitive pricing and quality therapy. At Healing Touch Colonics, we’re in the business of making people feel better. Through massage and colon therapy we can ensure you’ll have a lighter step in no time.

If you have more questions then get in touch with our offices and we’ll be happy to answer them. Then when you’re ready, let’s book your appointment! You won’t regret it.